‘White Fragility’ Author Robin DiAngelo Claims Her Anti-White Activism Extends Black People’s Lifespans ‘One Hour Longer’

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Robin DiAngelo, bestselling author of the anti-White book “White Fragility,” stated in a recent interview that complaining about White racism could “could translate to one hour longer on somebody’s life” because “the chronic stress of racism, for black people and other people of color – literally, it shortens their lives.”

In an interview with left-wing publication The New Yorker, DiAngelo was asked what the point of her lucrative activist lifestyle is, considering that she believes White people are always going to be racist against non-white groups. She responded, “Less harm, to put it bluntly. I am confident that as a result of my years in this work, I do less harm across race, and that is not actually a small thing. That could translate to one hour longer on somebody’s life, because the chronic stress of racism, for Black people and other people of color—literally, it shortens their lives. I would definitely like to do less harm.”

DiAngelo did not provide any evidence for her claim that the “chronic stress of racism” shortens black people’s lives, or that her work has helped any black people add “one hour longer on somebody’s life.”

DiAngelo’s activism has become a focal point of news coverage in the wake of the 2020 George Floyd Black Lives Matter riots, along with the correlative rise in anti-White racism.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson debunked the anti-White talking points frequently found in Critical Race Theory during a segment in June 2021, as reported by National File:

“So Chris Rufo is a researcher & he dared to expose Critical Race Theory for what it is, it’s Anti-White Racism, obviously,” Carlson said Tuesday while introducing a segment with an anti-CRT advocate. The Fox News host added, “This is really sick, and it’s a complete dead end that will tank the country if we allow it to continue.”

Everyone is created equal in the eyes of God,” Carlson continued, “and if you don’t act that way, and judge people based on who they are and what they do. and the choices they make, and instead judge them based on the color of their skin, it’s over. That’s very obvious, and it’s been obvious to people for a long time. In fact, it was universally acknowledged until about twenty minutes ago. But the Washington Post- owned by Jeff Bezos, The New York Times, and a few other big outlets like CNN and NBC, are leading the charge in the other direction.”

Despite the focus of many activists such as DiAngelo on attacking the collective character and history of White people, several anti-CRT figureheads continue to insist that CRT is not anti-White.

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