Announcement: We no longer use traditional social media!

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Even though this is a terrible business decision for us (we got over 90% of our traffic from Facebook and Twitter), we can no longer in good conscience leverage the success of our platform on entities that suppress the thoughts and ideas or others. This means we are going to have to start from square one.

We will start by using new social media platforms such as We will be exploring other platforms like Parler and Clouthub in the future. Are Gab account is located at:

In our websites past life everything was pretty automatic.  We automatically pulled news links and automatically posted to Facebook and Twitter.  Easy, Peasy.  With Gab and I’m assuming other social platforms we are going to have to manually post our links.  This will be a good and bad thing.  Bad because the volume of information and news will go drastically down, good because the quality of content should be dramatically up.

Side Note – For the last week and for the near future, Gab has experienced incredible growth and as a result the site may be slow and unresponsive.  Expect these issues to be fixed soon.

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