Watch: Protester Threatens Biden’s Motorcade, Immediately Regrets It…

Watch: Protester Threatens Biden’s Motorcade, Immediately Regrets It…

“An abortion ban will not stop abortions – only safe ones,” a Biden protester shouted after approaching and almost blocking the motorcade of the pro-choice president in Los Angeles, as he was en route to the Summit of the Americas.

Video captured the “women’s rights” protester positioning herself dangerously in the middle of what was at the time a shutdown street in the center of L.A. on Wednesday just as the presidential motorcade was passing. At one point the high security convoy even had to briefly slow as she almost stood in front of approaching vehicles with bullhorn in hand.

Stunning video captured a Secret Service officer tackle her out of the way before slamming her to the ground

The clip of the officer’s aggressive take-down maneuver quickly went viral. As the woman appears to fight back while lying on her back, including ripping off his sunglasses and reaching at his face, she gets a swift punch to her cheek. At one point a gun appears on the ground during the struggle, though it’s unclear whether it belonged to the arresting officer or the protester.

The struggle lasted several seconds, after which local LAPD swarmed the scene. Just prior to the incident, the protester came so close to the presidential motorcade that someone in the crowd of onlookers yelled, “She’s gonna get hit by a car!” 

The woman can be heard screaming about abortion while being taken into custody, and lying prone with police over her.

According to Fox, “The protester, who resisted officers during her arrest and ripped off the tackling officer’s hat and glasses, appeared to be advocating for abortion rights.”

“Get the f— off me!” she could be heard saying while on the ground being handcuffed. She then shouted, “An abortion ban will not stop abortions – only safe ones.” 

Video shows another angle:

Last month, a leaked Supreme Court Dobbs v. Jackson draft opinion strongly suggested the court could imminently overturn Roe v. Wade, giving states the ability to establish their own abortion laws. Left wing and pro-abortion activists are now planning to thwart this possibility by any means possible, including by force if necessary, according to their own statements.

Tyler Durden
Thu, 06/09/2022 – 15:45