Watch: Moroccan Fans Celebrate World Cup Win By Rioting In European Cities

Watch: Moroccan Fans Celebrate World Cup Win By Rioting In European Cities

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Moroccan football fans celebrated their World Cup win over Belgium by staging chaotic riots in numerous different European cities.

Diversity continues to be a strength.

Morocco beat Belgium 2-0 in Group F yesterday, which many regarded as a shock result given the quality of the Belgian team.

Whereas some would expect the result to have prompted friendly and good-natured celebrations, Moroccans used it as an excuse to loot shops, burn vehicles and attack police stations in Belgium and neighboring Holland.

Multicultural Belgium is home to around 500,000 Moroccans, some of whom reacted to their team victory by rampaging through the streets.


— AhmedMONE9🇵🇹 (@ach1090) November 27, 2022

“Police deployed tear gas to disperse fans following the victory, but rioting went on into the evening, resulting in a number of additional vehicles being set on fire,” reports ReMix News.

Quelques heurts après la victoire du Maroc face à la Belgique à Bruxelles. C’est chaud 🔥🔥 #FIFAWorldCup   #molenbeek #BELMAR #Qatar2022

— Medave Prod (@medaveprod) November 27, 2022

#Bruxelles #Belgique : Des marocains ont incendié un véhicule pour célébrer la victoire du Maroc contre leur pays d’accueil #BELMAR #Maroc
Source : SnapMap

— Alex (@AlexLeroy90) November 27, 2022

Eight people were arrested in Antwerp, while police in Brussels were forced to deploy water cannons and tear gas in an attempt to quell the rioting.

It’s not over yet in #Brussels. 🇧🇪🇲🇦

— Yassin Akouh (@Yassin_Akouh) November 27, 2022

However, the unrest was not limited to Belgium. Over the border in the Netherlands, vehicles were torched in Amsterdam and rioters in Rotterdam attacked police with fireworks, causing multiple injuries.

“I condemn in the strongest terms the incidents of this afternoon,” said Brussels’ mayor, Philippe Close.

“The police have already firmly intervened. I therefore advise against fans coming to the city center. The police are doing all they can to maintain public order. I have ordered the police to carry out arrests of the troublemakers,” he added.

Another clip shows a violent mob attacking an ambulance.

Voici des images de #Bruxelles après la victoire du #Maroc contre la #Belgique.

Magasins pillés, sapins des Noël brûlés, forces de l’ordre attaqués, etc …#CoupeDuMonde #Mar #BEL

— Limongi Quentin (@LQuentin_) November 27, 2022

“This was not a party,” said Claire Martens, VVD party chairman in Amsterdam. “These are guys who think they are in charge of the streets and not the police. We cannot accept that. Why did the (authorities) intervene so late? How are we going to prevent this next week?”

As we previously highlighted, migrant youths also reacted to the lockdown in Belgium by staging riots.

The most popular name for newborn babies in the de facto EU capital of Brussels is Mohamed, with Islamic names making up 43 per cent of total registrations in the Belgian city.

Earlier this year, Belgian leftist leader Conner Rousseau caused alarm amongst his own political allies after admitting that multiculturalism had failed.

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