WATCH: Kenosha Protesters Yell, Honk Vehicle Horns in Residential Areas

Demonstrators in Kenosha, Wisconsin, took to residential areas Wednesday, the fourth night of protests, honking vehicle horns and yelling to wake up the neighborhood.

One video, taken by The Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott, shows demonstrators lining the street and honking their horns in what she believes to be “one of the wealthier areas of Kenosha”:

Town Hall’s Julio Rosas captured a similar scene, demonstrators taking their protest to residential areas.

“BLM march now going through the residential areas of Kenosha and they are trying to wake people up by chanting, using megaphones, and banging buckets,” he reported:

Another video shows a large group chanting “Black Lives Matter” as car horns dominate in the background:

Protests began in Kenosha on Sunday following the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake. According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Blake admitted he “had a knife in his possession,” and agents “recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard of Mr. Blake’s vehicle”:

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