Video Shows ‘Black Mirror’-Like Robot Dog Patrolling “Da Street!!!” 

A couple of Canadians were living in Charlie Brooker’s dystopian science fiction television series called Black Mirror on Thursday (Sept. 24) when a Boston Dynamics robot ‘dog’ came walking down the street. 

The whole encounter was caught on video by Canadian Twitter user @bIoodtear. The 18-second video was straight from the Black Mirror episode titled “Metalhead,” where a four-legged robotic dog started killing people. However, there was no gore in this encounter; the Boston Dynamics’ robot was walking down the sidewalk, turned, and looked at the camera, then went on its way.

Here’s the video: 

A techno dystopian world is closer than you think – just wait until governments deploy fleets of these robots to surveil people.

Oh wait, it has already happened: “‘Skynet’-Like Robot Dog Patrols Singapore’s Parks To Ensure Humans Are Social Distancing” 

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