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Video footage from Portland, Oregon shows a local woman lamenting the vandalism and damage inflicted on a nearby Popeye’s chicken fast-food restaurant, chastising rioters for “tearing down our community.”

Asked by a reporter what she thought of the vandalism, a woman going by the name Lady Leo stated, “I think that it’s some bulls**t, I think that they are tearing down our community, and they teachin’ our kids wrong. Look at these kids, these kids done grown up in this community, now they can’t even sit down and eat a piece of chicken because they done tore up the damn store. That s**t crazy!”

“I been comin’ here since I was like, a baby,” Lady Leo continued, gesturing to the destroyed Popeyes. “This don’t make no sense, this is just sad, it’s a sad situation though, seriously. That’s what i think about it.”

Lady Leo’s sister then chimed in to say that Lady Leo was at the restaurant because she had seen the looting on her sister’s livestream.

BLM supporters in Minneapolis, Minnesota however, struck a different tune, calling for insurrection and “street justice” against white people:

Black Lives Matter and racial justice protesters at the George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis, Minnesota spoke to journalist Ami Horowitz on Tuesday, the day of the Derek Chauvin trial verdict, to express their desire to see “pain” and “hurt” inflicted on “white folks” via “street justice,” and expressed ignorance about the statistics of police-involved shooting, claiming “thousands” of unarmed black people are killed by police every day in a systemic “genocide” of the “African-American race.”

Horowitz first asked the protesters if believed the city should be burned down, to which they unanimously answered in the affirmative. One female protester explained that burning the city down would make “them see that we’re here” and “continue the movement.”

One woman added that she believes white supremacist are “most of the country,” and when asked if she would support gathering up white people to do “street justice,’” she exclaimed, “That would be ideal!”

“I don’t want to say we need to start killing all white folks, but it’s like, maybe they need to start feeling the pain and the hurt,” another female protester stated.

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