VIDEO: Mel Gibson Says A ‘Sickness’ Is Affecting The Catholic Church, Slams Woke Bishops As ‘Hirelings’

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Famous Australianactor and director of The Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson called out the “sickness” afflicting the Catholic Church in a video that has gone viral online.

Gibson posted a video online in which he detailed a “sickness” among senior bishops and Christian Church leaders, alluding to problems surrounding “cancelled priests” blacklisted by bishops for exhibiting true Christian values.

According to reports, Gibson was meeting with a group of traditionalist priests known as “Coalition for Canceled Priests” in Chicago. In his videos, he revealed that members of the USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops) would not support him when he was working on The Passion of the Christ film that exploded in popularity when it was released in 2004. “I went to the USCCB to get support for the film. And those men couldn’t get away from me fast enough. And all but a few of them turned their backs on me. It was pretty telling about who they were,” Gibson said.

Gibson endorsed the views of dissident Catholic archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on the Second Vatican Council, suggesting that the council which replaced the traditional Latin mass with liturgy in the vernacular could be replaced or done away with entirely. He questioned Pope Francis’ leadership of the Church, alluding to an incident in which the Vatican placed an idol of a Mesoamerican deity in the Vatican gardens.

Dr. Taylor Marshall, a YouTuber and author of Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within, who discusses Catholic philosophy, showcased Gibson’s videos on his show and thanked Gibson for speaking out. “It’s difficult to say ‘I believe in one holy and apostolic church’ and then look around at what’s going on in the Church. It creates in us a cognitive dissonance, how do we understand these things? People don’t even want to look into it, and I don’t think any of us have the full answers on how to work it all out. But obviously, something bad is going on. Priests cancelled, bishops as hirelings, he talks about Francis, he talks about Viganò, he talks about the inside job. I was really hoping he’d say the word infiltration,” said Dr. Marshall.

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