VIDEO: BLM Mob Surrounds, Breaks Into New Jersey Home Of Man Now Criminally Charged With Using ‘Racial Slurs’

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A Black Lives Matter-led mob in Mount Laurel, New Jersey surrounded the home of a white man who has been criminally charged for alleged use of a racial slur during a confrontation with a black neighbor, with members of the mob eventually breaking open the home’s front door. When police arrived on the scene to oblige the mob and arrest the homeowner on hate crime charges, they set their sights on officers as well, with 10-15 officers reportedly injured by pepper spray and projectiles.

45-year-old Edward Cagney Mathews’ home was surrounded by a mob of reportedly around 200 violent, Black Lives Matter-led demonstrators demanding the man face criminal charges for hurting the feelings of his nonwhite neighbor when he allegedly told him that New Jersey is “not Africa” and used a racial slur during a verbal altercation which was videotaped and shared online.

Mathews was charged by police with “biased intimidation and harassment” over the incident and allowed to return home on a summons to court, only for the BLM mob to surround his home as part of an intimidation effort, while others gathered around the local police station demanding the man face hate crime charges over the dust-up and hurt feelings.

Video footage recorded as the mob surrounded the home shows that at one point, Black Lives Matter radicals got onto the man’s front porch and breached the front door, which can be seen in the video cracked slightly ajar as excited and surprised mob members seem to debate on what to do next. “They inside his house!” a woman can be heard screaming. “Oh they fuckin’ that shit up!” she continues as others cheer the action on.

Though police appear to have done very little to ensure the physical safety of Mathews as his home was held under siege, they did return to oblige the mob, deploying a SWAT team to arrest him and slapping the man with multiple hate crimes charges. As police arrested Mathews, a reported total of 10-15 officers were injured by pepper spray and projectiles hurled by members of the Black Lives Matter mob who turned on the police working on their behalf.

Local media reports have been sympathetic to mob members, with CBS Philly complimenting the crowd for remaining “calm all day” until things got “heated” when police arrived to pull Mathews from his home.

Despite attacks on police officers, law enforcement in Mount Laurel, New Jersey seemed to sympathize deeply with the mob as well, with Burlington County prosecutor Scott Coffina saying he “totally understands” why the Black Lives Matter radicals surrounded and broke into Mathews home, adding that video footage of Mathews being unkind validates both the violent response from the mob and the additional criminal charges.

Coffina’s sentiments were echoed by members of the Black Lives Matter-led crowd in the streets outside Mathews’ home, with one in attendance telling local reporters that “this is America! We all live here, we cannot put up with this” and therefore, Mathews must be thrown in prison.

As previously reported by National File, in nearby Long Branch, New Jersey, as the nation celebrated its first Juneteenth federal holiday, a white woman received a brutal beating at the hands of black assailants in the middle of the streets, while a crowd of mostly black revelers looked on and cheered. The crowd proceeded to start a riot, looting multiple businesses and trapping small business workers inside their stores in terror.

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