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The Vatican is co-hosting a health conference in May that will showcase speeches by Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton, vaccine guru Dr. Anthony Fauci, guru Deepak Chopra, and the Pfizer and Moderna chief executive officers who are mass-producing vaccines for the public. Pope Francis has been criticized in the past for straying into leftist politics, and this conference won’t help turn around his image. What exactly is the religious significance of mass vaccination? Regardless, the Fifth International Vatican Conference will be focused on pandemic matters, and how to “Unite To Prevent.”

The May 6-8 conference, “Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul: A Global Health Care Initiative: How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health,” is part of a conference with speakers including Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and moderators including Katie Couric. The event is set up by the Pontifical Council for Culture and the Cura Foundation, a Vatican organization. “Bridging Science and Faith” is a featured conversation at the conference.

A press release cynically touts that “In addition to the John Templeton Foundation, conference supporters include Sanford Health, Celularity, Akkad Holdings, The Helmsley Charitable Trust, Sorrento Therapeutics, Aspire Capital Partners, Hackensack Meridian Health, T. Denny Sanford Institute for Empathy and Compassion at the University of California San Diego, United Therapeutics, Alliance Global Partners, The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation, Moderna, Inc. and many others. The conference will close with a message for the participants from Pope Francis…”


Pope Francis is visiting Japan on a state visit to meet with local Catholics and the Japanese government, and while there called for Japan to join the West and accept more refugees.

According to ANSA, Italy’s not-for-profit news service, Pope Francis called for the Japanese to accept more refugees, at one point referring to them as “zombies,” during a visit to the Cathedral fo Saint Mary in Tokyo, Japan.

“I ask you to spread the arms of friendship and welcome those who come, often after great suffering, to seek refuge in your country,” the Pontiff reportedly said.

Japan is a notoriously difficult nation to immigrate to, using refugee status or otherwise. The Pope noted that Japan’s immigration policies are “so restrictive that the number of those who have obtained refugee status in 2018 is limited to 42 people.”

Pope Francis claimed that refusing to allow refugees into Japan will lead to loneliness, “the greatest poverty.”

According to reports, Pope Francis claimed that “There are young people who do not laugh, do not play, do not know the sense of wonder or surprise.”

The Pope referred to these would-be refugees as “zombies” according to those in attendance, going on to say that “their hearts have stopped beating because of the inability to celebrate life.”..



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