Van Jones: ‘Pence Was a Mansplainer-in-Chief’

During CNN’s coverage of Wednesday’s vice presidential debate, CNN Political Commentator Van Jones stated that Vice President Mike Pence “was a mansplainer-in-chief” during the debate.

Jones said that 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) had a strong start to the debate and a strong finish, and in the middle, “had to walk that tightrope that you’ve seen women of color and all women have to walk of being strong, but not too strong. And she got run over by Pence, over and over again, the moderator did nothing about it. But she kept her poise. She kept her composure, and she did great tonight.”

He added, “Pence was a mansplainer-in-chief. He was Mr. Mike Mansplainer all night.”

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