University Paper Gets Headline Wrong

University Paper Gets Headline Wrong

The Headline “UM investigates three sexual assault cases as survey reveals student safety numbers”

This is the student newspaper for the University of Montana. You may read full article here. It goes on about the usual stuff you can expect from University Liberals on how to solve the problem.  A rather boring article until you get several paragraphs down and they talk about a survey take among the student body.  I will quote verbatim (emphasis mine):

“The questionnaire survey sampled 845 UM students for perceptions of safety, prevalence of sex-based harm, and students’ familiarity, comfort level and perceived effectiveness of campus resources, according to SARC.”

“Out of the 845 students, 167 identified as cis men, 575 identified as cis women and 100 identified as gender non-conforming or transgender, according to Alison Pepper, SARC prevention education and advocate coordinator.”

That means 11.83% of the students identify is “gender non-conforming or transgender” in this survey.  So the real headline of the story should be

“Recent questionnaire reveals 11.83% of students identify as gender non-conforming or transgender…You’re Welcome!”

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