Top Trump Supporter and Founder of Walk Away Movement Removed from Flight for Refusing to Wear a Mask (Video)

Brandon Straka is the founder of the WalkAway movement in America.

Brandon, a former Democrat, walked away from the Democrat Party after he realized following the 2016 election that he was being lied to on a daily bases by Democrats and their mainstream media.

Brandon led this campaign that has over 257,000 followers on its Facebook page.

Brandon stands for truth.
That is why he refuses to wear a face mask when traveling on airplanes.

On Wednesday Brandon was removed from an American Airlines flight for refusing to wear a mask on the plane.

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Brandon tweeted about the incident after he was kicked off the plane.

And Brandon then made a video after the incident.

Now he is being harassed by the left for not following their latest rule.

Brandon is right. It’s not a law to wear face masks on plane.

Of course, the liberal media is painting Brandon as a monster for not following their rules. These are the same people that cheered the violent BLM protesters the last two weeks.

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