THE RESISTANCE GROWS: Missouri Bill Would Prohibit Enforcement of Unconstitutional Federal Gun Laws

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The Missouri legislature is advancing legislation that would prohibit state, county, and local law enforcement agencies and departments from enforcing unconstitutional federal gun laws in that state.

Missouri is joining an increasing number of states that are proposing legislation that would see their states employ nullification to rein in a grotesquely overreaching federal government.

The proposed legislation, introduced by State Rep. Jered Taylor (R), would prohibit local law enforcement officers from enforcing federal gun laws. The measure would also include a ban on using federal laws to confiscate people’s firearms.

Taylor’s proposed legislation, which is currently moving its way through the Missouri House, would affect to the enforcement of federal gun crimes that are not also codified as state gun crimes.

The bill would not interfere with federal law enforcement officers from being able to enforce federal laws. But Missouri law enforcement – from state to local levels – would be restricted from facilitating the enforcement of those federal laws.

Taylor made clear that he believes it is a state lawmakers’ duty to protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Missourians.

“We are here to defend those rights against an out-of-control federal government,” Taylor told reporters. “And that’s exactly what this bill does.”

Taylor cited the vocalized threat of new federal gun restrictions by Progressive and Democrats lawmakers under President Biden’s administration.

Many among the Democrats and Progressive ranks in Congress have expressed an intense desire to create new restrictive control measures including US Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX), who wants psychological exams and testaments by even an ex-spouse to be included in federal licensing of firearms.

US Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), has called gun control legislation his number one priority of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Missouri measure would subject non-complying state, county, and local law enforcement authorities to lawsuits and $50,000 fines if they employ officers who aid in facilitating the execution of federal gun laws.

The proposed legislation is headed toward the necessary second vote of approval in the House before it goes to the Republican-led Senate for debate.

Missouri House members gave a voice approval last Wednesday. An earlier move to amend the bill passed 107 to 43, signaling it will likely have enough support for final approval.

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