Parler Bezos

From Revolver News

America has finally had the definitive test case for a recurring conservative idea: The notion that the “free market” is a solution to the left’s private-sector totalitarianism. And the answer is clear: Under the modern hegemony of globalist progressivism, it is impossible for conservatives to build their own liberty-focused alternatives to left-wing monopolies. All such efforts will be destroyed. The only solution is to tear down the progressive hegemony completely.

I’m sure you have had many of your friends and family tell you that Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. are private companies and they have the right to choose their customers and vice versa.  Furthermore, the argument is if people are unsatisfied with Big Tech products they should go elsewhere.  I think the events of the past few days are exposing those arguments as false and this Revolver News article is a must read.

The Destruction of Parler Exposes One of the Biggest U.S. Shams…

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