Tesla Is Refunding Cybertruck Reservations In Australia

Tesla Is Refunding Cybertruck Reservations In Australia

Well, the Cybertruck was a nice idea while it lasted…at least in Australia, where Muscle Cars and Trucks reported late this week that Tesla is starting to refund reservations for the vehicle. 

The article notes that Tesla stopped taking reservations for the truck in Europe and China due to a three year wait on deliveries – and that’s after the company finally gets production started, which could still be a while away.

Now, in Australia, the company could be doing away with the Cybertruck for good, according to the report. “Tesla will start refunding those with a reservation in Australia as the Cybertruck won’t be making its way to The Outback anytime soon, if at all,” writes Muscle Cars and Trucks. 

Tesla is also said to have an astounding 1.2 million pre-orders for the Cybertruck, amounting to $120 million in revenue, all from individual $100 reservations. Australia makes up about 38,000 of these reservations, the report says. 

The Cybertruck was taken down from Tesla’s website in early 2022 and reservation holders have been notified by the company that they are eligible for refunds. But, as the report notes, those who want a full refund will have to apply for it. 

We’re sure that process won’t be unduly burdensome or tenuous at all…

Tyler Durden
Sat, 07/23/2022 – 20:00

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