St. Louis Police Step in to Protect Praying Christians from Violent Anarchist-BLM Mob in St. Louis, at Least One Beating (VIDEO)

Father Samuel and Jim Hoft

Earlier this week the Gateway Pundit announced a prayer rally on Saturday at the iconic St. Louis Statue on Art Hill in Forest Park.

We planned the rally because there is currently a petition by local leftist and radical Umar Lee to remove this beautiful landmark in St. Louis City.
There is also a movement to rename the city because St. Louis was allegedly “Islamophobic.”

Local activist Umar Lee is leading the movement to remove St. Louis statue.

Umar has been threatening police and locals for several years now.

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The City of St. Louis Treasurer Tisharua Jones smeared the Christian group as a KKK rally because Catholics and Christians want to preserve our statues and monuments.

Several priests were praying at the St. Louis Statue today.
Many were with members of their own congregation.

Protesters threatened to take down the St. Louis Cathedral next.

Catholic Priest Attempts to Defend St. Louis Statue from Further Leftist Vandalism — Leftist Mob Threatens to TAKE CATHEDRAL NEXT! (VIDEO)

When we started praying the leftist crowd started screaming and blaring horns.
It was pure insanity.

It is truly sad that this is where we are today as a culture and country.
The leftist mob was almost demonic.

St. Louis Police stepped in to protect the praying Catholics from the far left mob.  The police formed a protective wall between the mob and the praying Christians.

Later after we left at least one man in sandals was attacked. The mob chased the man and beat him in the street.

At least one man in sandals was chased down and beaten by the mob.
They called him “alt-right” or whatever.

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15 days ago

thank the democrats for all this evil if America elects a democRAT we are doomed !!!!!!time for Americans to step up and take back our country

Orion Simerl
15 days ago

How ironic that a group that claims to be anti-facist is the embodiment of the very thing they claim to be against. Having no factual basis for their grievances they use violence against those who do not accept their baseless opinions as fact. They’re against religous freedom as well as freedom of speech. Eventually they will be confronted by a well armed militia which will dampen their enthusiasm for tyranny.

Nunya Bidnezz
Nunya Bidnezz
14 days ago

Your site is not merely biased, it’s extremist rightwing propaganda and lies.