Six Advance Trump Campaign Staffers in Tulsa Test Positive for Coronavirus

Six advance campaign staffers for President Donald Trump’s political rally on Saturday tested positive for the coronavirus, according to reports.

The six staffers were working on preparing for the Trump rally in Tulsa but are now being put into quarantine.

Campaign staffers are tested for the virus prior to major events, Trump Campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh said to Axios.

“Six members of the advance team tested positive out of hundreds of tests performed, and quarantine procedures were immediately implemented,” he said.

The news immediately fueled fears on cable news channels, where hosts have repeatedly questioned the president’s judgment in holding a rally during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Trump campaign continues pressing forward on their plans for the rally, despite widespread corporate media criticism.

Murtaugh said that no staffers who tested positive for the virus, and those coming into contact with them would be allowed into the rally.

“As previously announced, all rally attendees are given temperature checks before going through security, at which point they are given wristbands, face masks, and hand sanitizer,” Murtaugh said.

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