Save $0.16 With Biden’s Independence Day ‘Cookout’ Menu: Bowl of Ground Beef, Sliced Cheese, Pork & Beans, Vanilla Ice Cream

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The Biden White House shared an animated image to Twitter insisting that the price of a “July 4th Cookout” is down precisely $0.16 from 2020, however, the menu at Joe Biden’s celebratory dinner may differ from what Americans expect.

For example, there are no steaks on the menu. Steak prices are heavily on the rise in 2021, so instead, Biden’s White House replaces them with pork chops. Hot dogs are also off the menu – despite the Biden White House mentioning them within the text of his post – as the price of hot dogs too seems to be on the rise. Fortunately, a hearty can pork and beans, plain vanilla ice cream, lemonade, and potato chips remain on the menu.

Unfortunately, there will be no burgers on the 4th of July at Biden’s “cookout”. Instead, revelers are invited to eat a bowl of plain ground beef. Fear not, however, for “sliced cheese” – it appears to be American – is still on the menu, perhaps to be eaten alone, or perhaps melted atop a Biden-approved pork chop. It is unclear why these two elements to a classic American cheeseburger are on the menu, but the burger itself is not, however, the cost of lettuce lettuce – a customary topping – is currently skyrocketing. The burger would also have to be eaten sans bun in order to be cheaper than it was in 2020, as the price of bread has steadily risen over the year.

Many Twitter users were quick to point out the absurdity of celebrating the prices of Biden’s bizarre ensemble of foods – which are $0.16 cheaper than last year – when other costs, ranging from gasoline, to vehicles, to housing, are skyrocketing across the country.

“Apparently, no one at the Biden @WhiteHouse has been to the gas station recently. The average price for a gallon of gas is $3.15,” wrote Rep. Elise Stefanik. “This is the HIGHEST price for a gallon of gas since 2014 and a 42% INCREASE from last year.” It is worth noting that Biden was in office as President Barack Obama’s vice president in 2014.

Similarly, American Internet entrepreneur Dan Price wrote, “16 cents? Home prices are going up 24% annually right now. The median home goes up 16 cents every 1.3 seconds right now.

Democrats also seemed to find the Twitter post absurd. Ed Oswald, who describes himself as a “former Democratic elected official” who remains “politically active” wrote, “What in fresh hell is this? Housing costs are up by double digits, used cars are literally appreciating on dealer’s lots, and you’re talking about a BBQ? The Trumpiness of this tweet is just gross. Might as well forget about everything else that’s way more expensive?”

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