Report: New deal for security at Kabul Airport would see Taliban recognized as legit government

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Turkey will operate Kabul’s airport in collaboration with Qatar, according to a new report.

As part of the deal, Turkey — a NATO member — will recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan, according to a report by the London-based news outlet Middle East Eye.

News media accounts throughout the frenzied evacuation in Kabul last week pictured the deal to run the airport once the U.S. leaves this week as an on-again, off-again transaction.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had indicated that one major sticking point was who would provide security at the airport, according to WION-TV. He was quoted as saying Turkey would not operate the airport while the Taliban controlled its security.

“What does the Taliban say with regard to the airport issue? They say ‘give us the security but you operate it’,” Erdogan said, according to Barrons.

“How come we hand you over the security?” Erdogan added.

“Let’s say you took over the security but how would we explain to the world if another bloodbath takes place there? It’s not an easy job,” he said.

However, the new report said the security issued was resolved by Turkey agreeing to contract with a private firm for airport security, and that those hired would be former Turkish soldiers or police officers.

Turkey would be allowed to have Turkish special forces present to protect Turkish staff, but they would not be allowed to leave the airport.

Turkey has been guarding the military section of the airport against attacks.

The deal calls for Turkey and Qatar to form a consortium to operate the airport.

Turkey has not yet closed its embassy in Kabul

A United Arab Emirates-based consortium had already won a contract from the former government of Afghanistan to run the airport. It is uncertain how that deal will be dealt with, according to Middle East Eye.

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