Prince William Says He’ll ‘Fight Back’ If Harry And Meghan Keep Talking Rubbish

Prince William Says He’ll ‘Fight Back’ If Harry And Meghan Keep Talking Rubbish

Prince William says he’ll “fight back” if his brother Harry continues to besmirch the royal family with woke accusations of racism and other misdeeds.

According to the Express, Harry and Meghan – who has a ‘tell-all’ Netflix documentary about to hit – has been put on notice that William and Kate would respond if they feel there are ‘inaccurate claims.’

“The Prince and Princesses’ team will wait to see what’s in the Netflix series before deciding what to do, but you can see the direction of travel,” said a well placed source.

The final straw came after Harry was accused of attempts to “sabotage” the Prince and Princess of Wales’s high-profile visit to the USA.

His decision to issue a trailer to the show on the second day of their tour of Boston was seen as a “declaration of war”.

And yesterday he almost stole the limelight again when a charity video of him dressed as Spider-Man was released and went viral. -Express

The spat intensified after a photo of Harry and Meghan inside Buckingham Palace appeared in the trailer for their new show.

Harry and Meghan brought extra shame onto the royal family (on top of Prince Andrew’s scandalous friendship with Jeffrey Epstein) when they told Oprah Winfrey in March of 2021 that the Royal Family was racist. Two days later, the Royals responded with a statement that included: “Some recollections may vary.”

On the Netflix trailer which focused heavily on Meghan, Ms Levin told Philip Davies and Esther McVey: “She’s an actress. She’s been trying to get Harry to be a bit of an actor but not very successfully.”

The new series is due to begin airing on Thursday, exactly three months after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

It promises to tell, in their own words, the story of the Sussexes’ love and their battles with the Royal Family. -Express

Kensington Palace officials, meanwhile, have adopted a strategy of direct confrontation when it comes to new revelations in the Netflix special, while William and Kate are expected to discuss the matter with King Charles (friend of Jimmy Savile) in the coming days.

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