A lawyer who represented President Trump in the Democrats’ second BS impeachment attempt has been censored.  David Schoen says he was canceled by a law school after having previously been given an offer to teach.  The cancellation is due to Schoen working for the President.

The Daily Mail reported yesterday:

An attorney who represented President Trump during his second impeachment trial claims he has been ‘cancelled’ by a law school after they rescinded their offer to have him teach a class there.

David Schoen, 63, made the revelation during an interview on Newsmax Thursday night, but stopped short of naming the school.

‘I had hoped to teach a law school class in the fall,’ Schoen told network anchor Greg Kelly.

‘I had been in talks with a law school about teaching a civil rights course. I’ve got 36 years of experience as a civil rights lawyer, working major cases. I love being around the students.’

However, Schoen says he contacted the school prior to accepting President Trump’s offer to work on his trial team and administrators told him they would no longer be interested in having him join the faculty.

‘I was told it would be [an impediment]. Some faculty and students would feel uncomfortable to have me on campus if I were getting involved in this case.

‘I felt that was a sad commentary, quite frankly,’ Schoen declared.

CSPAN showed Schoen at the BS impeachment hearing:

The Democrats and their accomplices’ actions are similar to the Nazis before World War II and Lenin and Mao.  Yet they call God-loving, America-loving Trump supporters names like fascists.  Maybe we need more people like Schoen in academia so our students can learn more than communist fascist propaganda.

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