Portland Parents Encouraged To Send Their Kids To “Social Justice Summer Camp”

Portland Parents Encouraged To Send Their Kids To “Social Justice Summer Camp”

Watch out for those groomers.  Hard left ideologues have long sought to target other people’s children as a means to indoctrinate the next generation while they are young, naive and easily manipulated.  Frankly, it’s the only way to effectively spread what amounts to cultural Marxism – Most adults with normal upbringings are going to ask too many questions and have too many criticisms.  Leftists see the stalking and grooming of young people as fair game, because in their minds the ends justify the means and their agenda is viewed as sacrosanct.

In other words, mentally enslave the children of today and you own the adult voters of tomorrow.  The latest attempt is a relatively new camp program in Portland, Oregon operated by a group called ‘Budding Roses’ (a rather unsettling name considering the topic).  The group was founded as a part of the Black Rose Anarchist Foundation and the camp is open to students from 4th to 8th grade. 

The curriculum of Budding Roses has a mix of online and camp lessons, but they appear to all have the same basic bent:  

Black As Resistance: 4 Kids – Your children can learn all about white colonialism, anti-blackness, “self defense,” and more!

Police Abolition – Imagining a world without police.

Transformative Justice – Individuals “affected by injustice” address their grievances and demand reparations.  

White Supremacy Reflection – Terms like “white supremacy.” “intersectionality,” and “privilege” are explained.  Learn about the original sin of being white!

Writing People In Prison – Want your children to start a correspondence with convicted criminals?  Budding Roses will teach them how!

The list continues, but you get the general idea.  

We have seen many such indoctrination attempts over the past few years, including a woke sex education camp for children based out of Hazard, Kentucky which covered such fun topics as the different methods for masturbation.  Numerous other camps across the US have adopted the gender identity insanity, allowing biological males to be housed with biological females as long as they identify as “trans.”  This same philosophy has led to some horrible incidents of manipulation and victimization in public schools.

For example, in Loudoun County, VA, a boy claiming to be a transgender girl was allowed to frequent the girls bathrooms at Loudoun High School in the name of inclusion, only to have him rape a 15-year-old girl at the school.  The Loudoun School Board attempted to ignore and then hide the event while having the father of the victim arrested at a school board meeting when he argued the issue.  The mainstream media has since tried to claim that conservatives “lied” about the Loudoun incident because the girl had allegedly had two encounters with the assailant in the past, yet the boy in question was CONVICTED of sexual assault in juvenile court.  This is not in question.  

The point is, social justice proponents often overlook the highly negative effects associated with exposing children to their ideology.  They don’t care about the children, they only care about how those children can be used as tools for the furtherance of their cause.  

Set aside the fact that the majority of lessons that are taught as a part of woke curriculum are based in faulty logic, misrepresentations of history and outright lies.  The risks go well beyond the mental grooming and delve into the potential for sexual grooming as well.  With no attempt to separate children according to biological sex, these camps are just asking for trouble.  Perhaps they even welcome such trouble.  

Woke lessons within camp settings are much more pervasive than many people realize.  It’s not just the dedicated Anarchist/socialist brainwashing camps, it’s bigger venues as well.  Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts of America have seen a dramatic plunge in their membership numbers since they began adopting leftists talking points and lessons.  The Girl Scouts in particular have gone full bore SJW with their “anti-racism” programs which teach about diversity, equity, inclusion and racial justice.

It’s the same old made-up buzzwords used as a cover for collectivism, conformity and socialism/communism.  When they said they’re coming for your children, they were quite serious.      


Tyler Durden
Wed, 07/20/2022 – 23:20

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