P&G Bizarrely Blames Amy Schumer For Tampon Shortage  

P&G Bizarrely Blames Amy Schumer For Tampon Shortage  

Procter & Gamble scapegoated the national tampon shortage on comedian and diehard liberal Amy Schumer after featuring her in a company commercial. 

P&G is the maker of Tampax, one of the top-selling tampon brands in the US. They hired Schumer, 41, in 2020, for an ad campaign about “How to Insert a Tampon.” The 33-second video shows the comedian inserting a tampon into a donut and then taking a bite of the pastry. She then discusses the tampon with a doctor in what appears to be a medical setting.

P&G spokeswoman Cheri McMaster told Time magazine that feminine care products “sales growth has exploded” since the comedian was hired to do a series of commercials nearly two years ago. 

Located in Auburn, Maine is P&G’s only Tampax factory. McMaster claims the facility operates around the clock to keep up with the demand

However, TIME’s Alana Semuels pointed out: “But I find it a little hard to pin the tampon shortage on Amy Schumer.” 

“And even if the Tampax ads were a hit, that explanation doesn’t account for why other brands of tampons, including Playtex and o.b., were also out of stock. The other thing that changed in 2020, of course, is that there was a global pandemic and people stocked up on supplies because they were worried they’d run out. This increase in demand came at a time when the supply chain for tampons, like the supply chain for just about everything else, became disrupted by factory closures and port delays,” Semuels continues.

Maybe she’s right: “P&G said in its most recent earnings call that it was still having trouble sourcing raw materials for feminine care products, getting them to the places that need them, and getting products on trucks to retailers,” TIME added.

P&G’s spokeswoman bizarrely blaming Schumer for a tampon shortage whole overlooking snarled supply chains seems like a bad PR stunt. Already, mothers are livid with Abbott Laboratories for the baby shortage formula

Tyler Durden
Fri, 06/10/2022 – 13:25

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