“Not a More Important Issue than This… Very Difficult for Republicans to Win if This Censorship Continues” – Devin Nunes Speaks Out on Tech Censorship of Conservatives (VIDEO)

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) joined Elizabeth McDonald on The Evening Edit on Wednesday night to discuss Tech Giant censoring of conservative voices.

Nunes has been speaking out against big tech censorship for years now.

In October of 2019 a federal judge agreed with him that Twitter can be held accountable for its mistreatment of the conservative lawmaker.

On Wednesday Rep. Nunes said the

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Rep. Nunes: This is the story of the last three years.  Ever since the 2016 election the left and the Democrats learned that it’s not enough to just have 90% of the media on your side.  You also have to run it through a funnel.  And that funnel is Facebook, Google and Twitter.  They have to control that.  It started right after  the 2016 election.  They said, “Oh it’s fake news!” So there is not a more important issue that this issue!… I think it’s very difficult for Republicans to win if this censorship continues.

Via The Evening Edit:

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