Nine Black Lives Matter Activists Receive Citations for Trespassing in McCloskey Confrontation

Nine Black Lives Matter protesters received citations this week from St. Louis City Counselo Julian Bush for trespassing in the Portland Place neighborhood where the McCloskeys live.

Hundreds of BLM activists broke down a gate and walked through the neighborhood threatening homeowners. The McCloskeys were arrested after they stood in their yard with guns as the mob passed their home.

The city has not yet filed charges against the lawbreakers.

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FOX New reported:

Nine Black Lives Matter protesters who were confronted by an armed St. Louis couple on their lawn have been issued citations for trespassing, officials told Fox News.

The June 28 encounter between the demonstrators, and Mark and Patricia McCloskey made headlines as the country was gripped by nationwide protests over police brutality. The couple — both personal injury lawyers — were seen on video and in photos pointing a handgun and a rifle as demonstrators moved through their neighborhood…

…The office of City Counselor Julian Bush told Fox News in an email that the citations were mailed to the nine people but that Bush has “not yet determined whether to file charges.”

The protesters could face up to $500 in fines and up to 90 days in jail. However, Bush told NPR it was rare for anyone to receive such penalties for a municipal ordinance violation.

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