“Mountain Don’t”: Kentucky Couple Rage At Supermarket Disallowing Purchase Of 552 Cans Of Soda

Two morbidly obese Americans from Kentucky were panic hoarding 23 cases of Mountain Drew, totaling 552 cans, at a Louisville Kroger last week, all caught on camera, along with an altercation with store employees about product limitations, reported Pop Culture.

A bystander captured the incident on video that ended up on Reddit, as craziness at supermarkets have gone to a new level this month, as Americans are frantically loading up on supplies to weather a virus storm.

“A couple came up to the register with two carts. They told the cashier they had 23 total cases of Mountain Dew. … The cashier informed them that they have a limit of three that they can purchase, due to COVID-19,” the bystander said. 

The video starts with the Kroger manager telling the two obese Kentuckians that there’s a limit on how many items a customer can purchase. The man starts yelling at a cashier who approved the purchase of some of the soda cases. When the manager told him, he could not buy above the limit, he was heard yelling: 

“A straight up lie. What a liar! You’re such a liar. … You just told me right now that I could go outside and come back in and get the drinks.”

The man became mentally upset when he was told there was a limitation. A women in the video tried to calm him down, as he argued with store employees. 

She was seen paying for several cases and then threw the remaining ones on the counter as they both exited the store. 

The bystander sums it up: “Folks losin’ their mind over here for some Mountain Dew.”

Kroger revealed last week that it would be placing limitations on how much products customers can purchase, along with new operating hours for stores in Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Panic hoarding in the US has gone to extremes, in March, as confirmed virus cases and deaths have become exponential. The fear of the unknown, and the uncertainty of a looming apocalypse has driven many to buy obscene amounts of food, health supplies, gold, and weapons.

And for those who are trying to return all the items they panic hoarded in the last month, well, good luck, because Costco said they are not accepting returns of certain products:

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