Black Lives Matter-Antifa mobs caused over one billion dollars in damages in cities across America since last May. In Minneapolis alone, Black Lives Matter mobs damaged or destroyed over 1,500 businesses or buildings.

Over 700 police officers were injured in the BLM riots — and that was back in June!

Black Lives Matter was linked to conservatively 91% of the riots that resulted in the most expensive property damage in US insurance history.

And now as Black Lives Matter mobs hit the streets every night and prepare for complete anarchy and destruction in his city, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is already stirring the pot and blaming his police for the death of George Floyd. The jury has not yet made its decision on the case.

Jacob is a complete loon and his city is a disaster under his far-left leadership.
This guy is a complete disaster.

Mad Maxine Waters stirred the pot over the weekend.
On Monday Jacob Frey joined her.

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