Many doctors ‘are in a vaccine trance right now’

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(NOQ REPORT) – As Americans, we have learned our whole lives to rely on experts for many of our needs. Most go to a mechanics’ shop to get the oil in our cars changed even though the process is relatively simple. Sometimes it’s a matter of convenience, which is why we have more professional pet bathing services than any other nation. People in other nations wash their own dogs.

This mentality is exponentially more prevalent when it comes to complex needs such as healthcare. Invariably when I post information about Covid-19, vaccines, Ivermectin, or anything related to treating the coronavirus, someone asks, “Are you a doctor?” As a nation we defer to medical professionals on all things pertaining to our healthcare even in situations when a medical degree is not necessary. One does not need to go to school for seven years or more to check data on VAERS or to read papers written by doctors that explain the efficacy of MATH+ Protocols.

Covid-19 has prompted millions of Americans to do their own research on the disease and the drugs most doctors are prescribing, as well as the “vaccines” the vast majority of doctors are recommending. Under normal circumstances, this would be acceptable, but there’s something very different about Covid-19. Never in our history has a disease or its remedies been so politicized. One can argue that vaccines in general have been heavily politicized for at least two decades, but no other vaccine has had this degree of forced consensus.

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