Local St. Louis Residents Get Bogus Election Notifications After Far Left Group “Missouri Black Votes” Registers 140,000 New Voters in Region

Guest post by Gary Weigert

An organization called Missouri Black Votes registered roughly 40,000 voters in St. Louis City and 100,000 voters in St. Louis County this past year for the 2020 election.  And now St. Louis area residents are receiving voter announcements for people who do not live at their address.

The group was also active in 2018 and reportedly registered more than 87,000 voters across Missouri. According to KBIA —  the effort by the coalition, including Missouri Faith Voices, Missouri Jobs with Justice and Shirley’s Kitchen Cabinet, is funded by the Black Progressive Action Coalition, which is affiliated with BlackPAC, a super PAC that backed  former Sen. Doug Jones, an Alabama Democrat, and Lucy McBath, a Georgia Democratic congressional candidate.

Gary told The Gateway Pundit, “A St. Louis City election official advised me that someone dropped off boxes of voter registrations just prior to the 2018 November elections.  I had called to inquire when someone named Anthony Caldwell was registered to vote from my residence.  I purchased my residence in the city in 1984 and no one besides my family has ever registered from this address.”

Gary continued, “I talked to Rick Stream, Election chairman in St. Louis County, and he advised me that 100,000 registrations were dropped off in St. Louis County and his office had to hire additional workers to prepare data entry into the voter system.  Since that time Anthony Caldwell receives a voter registration card at my residence and receives more voter literature than I receive, from some PO Box in Springfield, Missouri.  I have reported this to Gary Stoff at the city election board, Jay Ashcroft at the Secretary of State Office, and the FBI.  If we were in a state like Arizona or Georgia without signature verification, I am sure that Mr. Caldwell would have voted several times by now.”

At a time when Missouri has signature gathering of registered voters to place on ballot initiatives, these false registrations are counted to meet the threshold requirements.  My inquiries reveal local election boards audit 1 in 10 signatures.  This could create fraud on the initiatives.

Missouri Black Votes has no website or Facebook page. Angela Pearson was named as a spokesperson for the group.

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