Kimberly Guilfoyle Tests Positive for the Novel Coronavirus

Kimberly Guilfoyle, senior adviser to the Trump campaign and girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, according to several reports.

Guilfoyle tested positive for the virus ahead of Friday evening’s Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore. She reportedly traveled to South Dakota with the president’s eldest son but was not aboard Air Force One “according to the person familiar with her condition,” as reported by the Times’ 

Haberman’s source said Guilfoyle is “not experiencing symptoms.”

“Out of caution, the couple plans to drive back from South Dakota to the East Coast, the person said,” according to the Times:

The news coincides with the Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore, where President Trump is expected to speak. Attendance at the event is limited, and while masks were reportedly offered to attendees, they were not required.

The U.S. had reported 2,793,435 cases of the Chinese coronavirus as of Friday evening.

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