“It is… The Right Time to Remove This Problematic Statue” – Commie Bill De Blasio Cheers Removal of Iconic Teddy Roosevelt Statue at ‘History’ Museum

It’s really not hard to see.
The left won’t stop until they bring down the entire system.

In August 2017 far left protesters demanded the New York Museum of Natural History remove their famous Teddy Roosevelt statue.

The protesters carried signs that read “Black Lives Matter” and “Abolish white supremacy.”

TRENDING: Democrat Leaders to Remove Iconic Teddy Roosevelt Statue outside NYC Museum of Natural History

On Sunday The New York Times announced liberal leaders agreed to take down the iconic Roosevelt statue outside the Museum of Natural History.

Democrat city leaders agreed to its removal.

Democrats are ripping apart our history and way of life with lies and threats.

And now commie Bill de Blasio is CHEERING the statue’s removal.

Mayor de Blasio: “The City supports the museum’s request. It is the right decision and the right time to remove this problematic statue.”

This is not a surprise coming from New York’s worst mayor.

It is interesting that a Museum on Natural History wants to remove history?

Via Varney and Co.

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