‘If Brooklyn Can’t Sleep, Bill de Blasio Can’t Sleep,’ New Yorkers Hold Noise Demo Near Mayor’s Mansion Over Fireworks and Lawlessness

New Yorkers are fed up with Mayor Bill de Blasio allowing the lawlessness continue on their streets, which includes shooting off fireworks at all hours of the night.

To enact their revenge, protesters lined up their cars and held down their horns for a noise demonstration near the Gracie Mansion late Monday night.

“If Brooklyn can’t sleep, @NYCMayor can’t sleep,” one person familiar with the protest tweeted.

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The New York City Police Department has reportedly asked New Yorkers to stop calling 9-1-1 and 3-1-1 to complain about the blasts.

Since de Blasio refuses to do anything about the insane noise keeping them awake, members of the Jewish community decided to organize a demonstration to make sure the mayor couldn’t sleep either — and it was LOUD.

“We need to send a message that we need to end these chaotic fireworks that [have] been happening across the city,” said Councilman Chaim Deutsch, speaking at the protest.

One speaker demanded that they were not there for any political discussions, but do not feel safe in their homes.

The fireworks have been going on nightly in Brooklyn and other communities.

In one particularly horrifying video from Harlem, a criminal degenerate threw a large lit firework at a sleeping homeless man.

The New York Post reports that in the first two weeks of June, the city’s 311 system clocked 849 fireworks grievances, compared to just 21 during the same period last year — a whopping 4,000-percent surge.

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