Herschel Walker Has a Big Idea for Interstate Antifa

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FILE – In this Jan. 1, 1981, file photo, Georgia’s Herschel Walker prepares to leave the field after Georgia defeated Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl NCAA college football game in New Orleans. Well, this might be the team that finally brings reality in line with the lofty expectations between the hedges. In Kirby Smart’s second season as coach, Georgia has won its first eight games, all but one by at least three touchdowns, and claimed the No. 1 spot in the first College Football Playoff rankings. (AP Photo/File)

On Monday, athletic miracle Herschel Walker had a thing or two to say about the nation’s violent and destructive rioting.

The NFL legend took to Twitter with a new video, decrying the devastation being heaped upon innocents’ property and livelihoods while elected officials allow the assault:

“[I] watch a lot of these beautiful cities being destroyed by people rioting, and I saw all these local leaders that won’t step to the plate to protect their citizens or their citizens’ businesses.”

Herschel has an idea where justice is concerned — he believes the criminal activity across state lines should come with federal consequence:

“[I]’m gonna step up to the plate and become a local leader in the sense that I want to put in a mandate that anyone arrested during a riot and they’re not from that city — they don’t have a residence in that city or that town — should be arrested and get federal time. Because I pay state and federal taxes. So on my federal taxes, I want them to get federal time for the crime they’ve committed. “

As noted by Fox News, the Olympic bobsledder’s remarks come less than a day after longtime friend Donald Trump pointed to terror in Democrat-run cities:

“Rochester N.Y., Brooklyn N.Y., Portland – All had bad nights, all weakly run by Radical Left Democrat Governors and Mayors! Get the picture?”

He’s not wrong — incredibly, mobs are being allowed to lay siege (Language Warning):

Meanwhile, some — such as Andrew Cuomo’s secretary and chair of the New York State Council on Women & Girls — choose to pretend it isn’t happening:

All the Democratic denial’s not likely to help the party in November, but I guess we’ll see.

As for the protestors, they are — it seems to me — agitators rather than activists. An activist fights for a cause, which appears to be missing from the ninja-suited folks turning out tyranny.

I can’t speak to their motivations, but they appear caught up in the excitement of revolting against not revolting, as if playing a game.

But theirs is a sport where injuries can be dire — something hulk Herschel knows a little about:

Before more people are hurt — or killed the madness must be brought to an absolute end.

So says taxpayer Herschel Walker:

“Local leaders, it’s time for y’all to step to the plate and take control. This has got to stop.”


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