Harvard researchers: COVID wouldn’t be so bad if U.S. paid reparations

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(CAMPUS REFORM) — Researchers at Harvard Medical School claim that reparations could have slashed coronavirus transmission by as much as 68 percent in Louisiana, had minority American households received as much as $850,000 each prior to the pandemic.

A group of scholars led by Dr. Eugene Richardson and Dr. Momin Malik looked at differences in frontline work and overcrowded housing by race and used it to compare Louisiana, a racially and socioeconomically diverse state, with South Korea, a more racially and economically homogenous country. Their peer-reviewed study was published by the academic journal Social Science & Medicine.

The authors proposed a “reparations plan” for descendants of slaves in the amounts of $800,000 per household or $250,000 per person, which they claim could have lessened the spread of coronavirus by helping eliminate the racial wealth gap. Though most proposals for reparations have generally been limited to the descendants of people enslaved in the United States, the researchers wrote:

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