Gamestop Rebellion Ignites MEDIA PANIC, NYT Calls For Biden “Reality Czar,” Marc Cuban Says HOLD

Gamestop Rebellion Ignites MEDIA PANIC, NYT Calls For Biden "Reality Czar," Marc Cuban Says HOLD. NYT says that misinformation is too dangerous and a Biden Ministry Of Truth, I mean, a Biden "Reality Czar" and Task Force is needed to tackle lies. But we can clearly see through the fake news narrative now. Media outlets seemingly acting in concert claimed WallStreetBets were rallying around Silver Shares, SLV, when 2 seconds could show you that they weren't. Bloomberg reported they were losing interest meanwhile Marc Cuban cheered them on and says to Hold gamestop stock. There's only one reason they want a ministry of truth, I mean "reality czar," and that's because they can't control the narrative anymore and people see through the lies. #WallStreet
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