Gab CEO Confirms Reports That Jared Kushner, Dan Scavino Blocked Trump From Joining Gab Following Twitter Ban

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The CEO of confirmed reports that had been circulating on Wednesday that President Donald Trump was browbeaten out of creating account on free speech social platforms Gab and Parler following his Twitter ban by son-in-law Jared Kushner and social media director Dan Scavino.

Torba initially reported that he was in contact with the President’s team following last week’s Twitter and Facebook purge, but the President has still not appeared on Gab or now-defunct alt-tech app Parler.

On Wednesday, reports circulated from CNN and Bloomberg that Kushner and Scavino joined forces to desperately talk the President out of establishing a presence on alt tech.

According to Bloomberg, Kushner “told other White House officials including Trump’s director of personnel, John McEntee, that the president’s social media presence should not migrate to the fringe sites.” Though Kushner alone was not enough to change President Trump’s mind, the latter ultimately gave in when Scavino joined in to trash alt tech.

Kushner and Scavino reportedly opposed a move to Gab or Parler because “they didn’t think they were well managed or could handle the traffic,” a profoundly ironic observation considering the widespread agreement from White House sources that Kushner and Scavino repeatedly bungled the President’s 2020 reelection campaign.

On Wednesday, Gab CEO confirmed the veracity of the Kushner-Scavino reports on both the official Gab twitter account and his personal Gab profile.

“We can confirm this reporting. If you want the President on Gab, bring it up with Jared Kushner,” the tweet read. “We are ready to give the President his voice back when he is. Jared is a mess. Sad!”

Another tweet added, “You don’t have to believe Bloomberg. Believe us. Jared Kushner is blocking the President from joining Gab and speaking to the world online. Fact.”

Gab also responded to CNN’s reporting on the situation, stating, “Jared has been the single biggest obstacle to the President’s America First agenda for over four years now and it’s not even close. Gab is ready and waiting if the President wants his voice back, but if not we will see to it that the American People have theirs.”

Though the President not joined Gab, many of his supporters, including those with the most sizable social media followings, have done so. The website continues to grow at a record pace and has broken into the top 500 sites in the U.S.

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