Fulton County DA Announces Arrest Warrants for Both Officers Involved in Fatal Shooting of Rayshard Brooks – Says Brooks Never Informed he Was Under Arrest?

Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr. announced charges on Wednesday afternoon in the death of Rayshard Brooks on Friday night.

DA Howard, Jr. says officials spoke to three witnesses and reviewed eight videos of the attempted arrest and shooting.

Both officers involved in the shooting will be charged.

And then he added this: That Brooks was never notified he was under arrest?

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DA Howard added that Brooks was calm and cordial!

We must have been watching the wrong video.
It appeared Brooks fought with police, punched them in the face, stole their taser gun and fired on the police officers.

A second video of the shooting shows Rashard Brooks pointing the stolen taser gun at police.

From the video Centermillennieals.

You can see the guy pointed something at the cop and that’s what got him killed. It may be the taser, it may be the gun from our perspective. It’s more logical that it would be the taser, so eminent threat was absolutely triggered by this event. Unfortunately it had to go down like this, because two times he risked the officers lives. This goes to show angles are extremely important in situations like this.


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