Friday Humor: White House Takes Credit For Creating 10 Billion Jobs

Friday Humor: White House Takes Credit For Creating 10 Billion Jobs

It appears Common Core math has crept its way into the highest echelons of the Biden administration.

On Friday, White House spox Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to actually answer a question – except, while her boss can’t read a teleprompter – Jean-Pierre apparently can’t read a binder when she’s not deflecting.

When asked what she thinks about a variety of terrible metrics since Biden took office, she panicked and attempted to rattle off a list of economic accomplishments, which did not go well.

“Under President Biden, student test scores has gone backwards, inflation has gone the wrong direction, workers’ real wages have come down. We’re seeing spending on programs and promised that at some point in the future, the transition will be over. What, in the last 20 months, where’s the progress?” asked Fox Business correspondent Edward Lawrence.

After rattling off some broad brush strokes, Lawrence reiterates: “But inflation still outpaces wages,” to which Pierre turned to her trusty binder of accomplishments, where she noted that the White House has created “nearly ten-thousand million jobs,” which she bragged was “the fastest job growth in history – so you’re asking me ‘where’s the success?’


Perhaps if you divide the number of jobs people have to hold down to make ends meet…

They finally admitted that 100 million Americans need to hold 100 jobs each to survive in the greatest economy ever

β€” zerohedge (@zerohedge) September 2, 2022

Will someone please ask her what jobs they created? People going back to work after a pandemic is not job creation

β€” TexasV πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (@Texasblue1) September 2, 2022

She uses the same math as her boss

β€” Our World Is Run By Pedos (@Wattsdj1) September 2, 2022

Why not just say eleventy-billion jobs?

β€” Rusty πŸŽ™οΈ (@rustyweiss74) September 2, 2022

Clearly deflection is her strong suit.


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Fri, 09/02/2022 – 21:20

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