French Waiter Stabbed After Asking Drunken Customer To Please Put On A Mask

As renewed COVID-19 outbreaks plague France’s largest cities, Paris and Marseilles, officials are planning to expand requirements regarding mandatory mask wearing in public. As of Friday morning at 8 am, masks will be mandatory across all of Paris, even often when people are outdoors.

That could create problems, because apparently the US isn’t the only country where violent confrontations have resulted when angry or unstable customers have been asked by retailer security guards or restaurant waiters to please kindly put on a mask, or leave.

One incident nearly resulted in a waiter being stabbed to death after asking a 29-year-old man to put on his mask in the port city of Le Havre.

According to RT, the drunken visitor refused, and a scuffle ensued, prompting the drunkard to storm out. He later returned with a knife, and stabbed the waiter.

Fortunately, an off-duty member of CRS, France’s auxiliary police, intervened and apprehended the knife-wielding attacker, while others tended to the waiter. Ultimately, though his wound was “serious” he has survived the ordeal.

The suspect was arrested, and police are investigating.

This isn’t the first violent incident involving masks in France, which, like its European peers, typically strictly enforces its requirements.

Earlier this month, a Parisian using a launderette said he was beaten by a pair of men with baseball bats after he asked another customer to please put on a mask. In July, a bus driver in the French city of Bayonne was assaulted by a mob after he reportedly demanded that they cover their faces and show their tickets before boarding.

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