Former Olympian Swimmer Says Trans Hate Mob Has “Made My Life Hell”

Former Olympian Swimmer Says Trans Hate Mob Has “Made My Life Hell”

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Former Olympian swimmer Sharon Davies has revealed that she is struggling to keep her career as a pundit and a sports ambassador going because she has been relentlessly attacked by trans ‘activists’ for speaking up for women’s rights in sports.

Davies has long been outspoken in her opposition to biological men competing against women in swimming and other sports.

In 2016 she and 60 other influential figures in sports lobbied the International Olympic Committee (IOC), asking the body to reevaluate the rules for allowing biological males to compete against women.

Her stance stems from having been robbed of a gold medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics by an East German team who doped their female swimmers with testosterone.

In an op-ed for Newsweek, Davies notes that “The East German women had been doped with testosterone and put through male puberty. They looked and sounded like men; they had male physiques, male voices, they even had Adam’s apples.”

English competitive swimmer Sharron Davies, UK, 5th August 1984. (Photo by David Thorpe/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

“I could not stand by and say nothing as another generation misses out on what’s rightfully theirs,” Davies says.

She adds, “The reason I am so vocal about the trans issue is because you’re now asking the next generation of females to go through what I went through: start a race with somebody next to you who you know has an unfair advantage.”

A trans woman is a trans women & is biologically male. And will always be male….. no amount of wishing or feelings will change that very simple anatomical fact!

— Sharron Davies MBE (@sharrond62) July 22, 2022

Putting it here 4those who appear not 2understand biology! Humans cannot change biological sex. No matter how anyone feels. We can & should be allowed 2express ourselves however makes us happy in total safety. Sport (a physical activity) must offer equal opportunities 2both sexes

— Sharron Davies MBE (@sharrond62) July 24, 2022

Now she says that employers, charities and agents she has worked with for decades are dropping her under pressure from the angry trans mob.

“There’s been so much hate and bullying,” the British swimming medalist and MBE told You magazine.

“It’s been very hard. Charities I’ve worked with for 30 years have dropped me, and agents I’ve worked with for 30 or 40 years don’t use me anymore, because the trans activists can be so vicious and malicious – they go after your work, after your brand, they attack everything,” Davies asserted.

What I genuinely find extraordinary are people who troll 4days, it’s a form of stalking. I wonder how empty their lives must be to go on line & abuse continually people that they don’t follow & obviously don’t agree with? Not agreeing is fine, free speech & all, abuse not so much

— Sharron Davies MBE (@sharrond62) July 25, 2022

Davies added that she has only managed to keep her career going because of an inheritance from her mother.

“The money’s nearly gone now. But I can’t back down,” Davies said, adding “If you have the courage of your convictions you have to back those up with evidence and science and then you just have to hold your ground.”

The former swimmer also says that she has had death threats to herself and her children.

Davies also notes that others in her field have kept quiet for fear of being ‘cancelled’ by the mob.

“Loads of female athletes have supported my campaigning,” Davies outlines, adding “The problem is that people are worried about trans activists, so a lot of people tend to keep their heads down. Of the 60 people who signed our letter, only four or five had ever put their head above the parapet. The rest of them remained anonymous.”

I know I’ve said this before… but thank you those that have my back on here. So many of you make me laugh too with your responses. The more annoyed & abusive it appears they get the more successful we are at regaining common sense.

— Sharron Davies MBE (@sharrond62) July 24, 2022

You joke 😜I’m getting ready 4a sex discrimination case if NGBs keep putting the feelings of males in front of the rights 2fairness &equal opportunities of a career in sport 4biological females. The evidence is there it’s not a level playing field if a male has gone thru puberty

— Sharron Davies MBE (@sharrond62) July 24, 2022

As we highlighted last month, Swimming’s world governing body FINA slapped a total ban on transgender athletes that have gone through any form of male puberty from taking part in women’s competitions.

Davies praised the decision, asserting that she was “proud” of Fina for “doing the science, asking the athletes/coaches and standing up for fair sport for females.”

I can’t tell you how proud I am of my sport @fina & @fina_president for doing the science, asking the athletes/coaches and standing up for fair sport for females. Swimming will always welcome everyone no matter how you identify but fairness is the cornerstone of sport

— Sharron Davies MBE (@sharrond62) June 19, 2022

Davies says that despite the torrent of hate she has received from the mob, her position outside of sports is not anti-trans.

“I have friends with trans children, I have made friends with lots of transgender people during this process because the majority totally understand,” Davies notes, adding “A lot just want to live their lives and think this argument is making things more difficult for them.”

Davies is refusing to back down, urging “I feel so passionately about this, though it’s all been worth it. Sport has taught me to be resilient – you get knocked down seven times and get up eight times.”

We still have a lot of work to do. I’ll now be campaigning for every single sport to ban trans women from the female category,” Davies proudly states, reasoning that “Women’s races are there for females. That’s why they have that category. Women’s races are not there for mediocre males.”

Re @rfu and the good new they are supporting the safe & fair option for women rugby, especially in a climate of renewed worry over concussion & neck injury. Any one who’s gone through male puberty will always have a physical advantage over a female. In contact sports that lethal

— Sharron Davies MBE (@sharrond62) July 25, 2022

“I quite like having a crusade now,” Davies also notes, adding “It suits me to be busy.”

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