Far Left Protester Recording BLM/Antifa Mayhem in Portland Gets Shot in the Hand During Live Stream (VIDEO)

A far left protester recording Black Lives Matter/Antifa mayhem in Portland this week got shot in the hand during a live stream.

She received treatment from “street medics.”

WATCH (graphic):

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After weeks of standing down and letting the protests turn into riots, the Portland police finally sprung into action early Thursday morning, as a group of protesters had established the hip “autonomous zone” in Northwest Portland.

This apparent change in bureau tactics might be because the protesters were doing this right out front of vichy “mayor” Ted Wheeler’s apartment.

Members of Antifa have been terrorizing people in Portland for years as the police stand idly by and do nothing.

Antifa in Portland previously took over directing traffic and harassed elderly motorists.

Portland has one of the largest and most active populations of Antifa members in the United States thanks to Democrat policies.

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