Families Reportedly Trapped in Building Set on Fire By Black Lives Matter Rioters in Kenosha

People on the scene in Kenosha, Wisconsin, are reporting that families are currently trapped inside an apartment building that was set on fire by the violent rioters.

Kenosha has been under siege by leftist rioters for two days in response to an officer involved shooting of a man with a history that includes previous violence against an officer during an arrest, a sex crime, domestic abuse, and more.

During a livestream of some of the fires burning around the city, a woman is heard explaining that there are families trapped inside an apartment building that was engulfed in flames.

“There’s families still trapped inside those apartments y’all,” the woman says. “They can’t get out.”

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The rioters also set a bank on fire on Monday evening and were planning to rob it.

It is currently unclear how many people were stuck inside the fire or have made it out of the building.

This is an ongoing riot and the Gateway Pundit will be providing continuous updates.

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