Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke with Arizona Republican Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward Monday in Phoenix outside the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

The Maricopa County forensic audit of ballots is currently taking place at the coliseum despite numerous and continuing efforts by Democrats to block the process and prevent transparency.

Dr. Ward told TGP the Democrats are trying to stop the audit at every turn, “They’re filing lawsuits.  They’re throwing fits. They’re throwing temper tantrums.  They’re going on the mainstream media and telling lies, but the audit continues.”

Kelli Ward then spoke about the ongoing audit, “It is not a Republican audit.  It is one thing that the press, the so-called mainstream press, the liberal press… they tried to demean and belittle this audit.  They try to categorize this as for one party.  But it is not.  This is America’s audit.  It is for America.  It is trying to make sure that for our state and in our nation, voters can have confidence in the electoral system…  And I will tell you the Democrat chair went on one of the leftist shows earlier this week and basically told lies.  Said there are hate groups that are doing the audits.  That is a complete and total lie.  Said that there are blue pens down on the floor invalidating ballots.  Another lie.  They’re using red pens.  That’s what they’re supposed to do…  I would like to see more security from Governor Doocy just like President Trump said… There are people across the nation, Antifa, BLM, who do not want to see this audit come to fruition.”

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