Donald Trump to Give Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz a Medal of Freedom

President Donald Trump on Friday said that he would award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to legendary Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz.

“We have looked at Lou’s life and his career and what he’s done for charity, and the football is obvious,” Trump said. “He was a great coach, but what he has done beyond even coaching.”

Trump said that he and Holtz had been friends for a long time, as the coach appeared with the president at a press conference at the White House.

The president recalled that Holtz’s wife recently passed away.

“An incredible woman. I knew her,” Trump and added jokingly, “She was stronger than Lou.”

Holtz delivered a speech during the Republican National Convention endorsing Trump for re-election and criticizing the modern left.

“They don’t have pride in our country, because they no longer ask, ‘What can I do for my country?’ Only what the country should be doing for them,” he said. “They don’t have pride in themselves. That’s wrong.”

Trump said that the medal would be awarded in the coming days.

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