COVID-19 and the children

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Politicians’ favorite line seems to be: “It’s for our children and grandchildren.”

But what if we don’t have any?

People are still concerned about Paul Ehrlich’s “Population Bomb,” but apparently haven’t noticed that we are closing schools while building old people’s homes, where many staff members are immigrants and many residents have no one to visit them.

Most of the world, except for Africa, has below replacement-level fertility. Soon, children whose mother tongue is Italian, French or German may be the minority in their parents’ land. Even with immigration, the U.S. has fallen below replacement level.

For powerful global elites, this is cause for celebration. Prince Phillip once said that he would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus as revenge against humanity’s overpopulation and destruction of nature. The COVID-19 virus arrived before his death, but the world’s response could achieve the desired depopulation.

Before COVID-19, the most hyped “existential” threat was climate change. Movements like the Extinction Rebellion preach doom unless we drastically change our lifestyle. The effect was disappointing. Some vow not to have children, to protect our future, but they could change their minds. And people weren’t scared enough to give up conveniences like flying, or to create poverty and hunger by shutting down the industrial economy.

Then along came the spikey virus — one graphic shows the Death Star from “Star Wars” festooned with spikes. In dread of coronadoom, people have meekly complied with drastic curtailments of their liberties and economic constraints guaranteeing the destruction of businesses not protected by government. Rules supposed to last 14 days are extended repeatedly, with constantly moving goalposts. The climate alarmists don’t want things to ever go back to normal.

“Protect the vulnerable!” say signers of the Great Barrington Declaration, and let the rest of society work and live. Unlike other disasters that wiped out human populations — war, famine, civil discord and most serious epidemics, COVID-19 attacks primarily the elderly and infirm. It was logical to vaccinate the elderly first. Some died, and some had serious side effects. The experts point out that someone who died after the COVID jab possibly died of something else (the timing was just coincidental) or might have died later of COVID-19. “The benefits exceed the risk,” they say.

But the vaccinations don’t stop with high-risk persons. Multibillionaire oligarchs and “philanthropists”— most prominently the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—want to vaccinate everybody in the world. Or maybe just everybody else. Climate change diva Greta Thunberg has just announced that the Greta Thunberg Foundation will donate 100,000 euros to “vaccine equity.”
When those dedicated to reducing humanity’s “footprint” on the planet suddenly switch to universal vaccination, should some caution lights flash?

They are coming for the children. First with experiments — although minors cannot give informed consent. Likely then with warp-speed mandates that are illegal for not-yet-FDA-approved products given under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Why?

Does COVID-19 kill children? Almost never. Do children infect Grandma? Almost never. Does the vaccine keep you from transmitting disease? Possibly — but keep wearing that mask.

Pregnant women were excluded from early trials but are getting the jab anyway. Some, who were hoping to give their baby antibodies, miscarried or had a stillbirth. Agencies will investigate and surely come up with statistics on “extreme rarity,” but let’s see independent forensic pathology on the placentas and dead babies.

The “abundance of caution” CDC has paused the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after six young women developed rare blood clots (cerebral sinus thrombosis), although it’s only one in a million, they say. The European Medicines Agency briefly paused the similar AstraZeneca vaccine, meant to be the “workhorse of Covax,” after 18 deaths from clots. It admits to adverse events in 1 in 100,000. Now some countries allow its use only in older persons. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, according to the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System (VAERS), have also been linked to clotting and hemorrhage problems. Thousands of deaths from this and other causes, in healthy persons of reproductive age, have been reported — but are still “rare” and possibly coincidental.

It is too soon to know of late effects. First, will there be “pathogenic priming, like with vaccines for the related SARS-CoV-1 virus? The animals made antibodies and looked fine until exposed to the wild virus. Then the immune system overreaction killed them. Human use was stopped. For SARS-CoV2, animal trials were skipped.

Concerns about effects on fertility have sparked many reports stating that “there is no evidence” that vaccines cause infertility — ask Google. And where is evidence that they don’t? Animal trials were skipped.

We’ll see what happens when today’s fully vaccinated youth and children try to have babies. Prince Phillip may get his wish.


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