Coronavirus Bill May Suffer Further Delay After GOP Senators Demand Fix For “Massive Drafting Error”

First it was Nancy Pelosi ‘rode into town from her extended vacation’ to kill the GOP coronavirus bill.

Now, despite what we were told was a done dea, three Republican Senators have demanded an “immediate fix” to a drafting error in the bill which may delay its passage.

Sens. Scott (SC), Sasse(NE) and Graham (SC) wrote in a Wednesday letter:

“A massive drafting error in the current version of the coronavirus relief legislation could have devastating consequences: Unless this bill is fixed, there is a strong incentive for employees to be laid off instead of going to work. This isn’t an abstract, philosophical point — it’s an immediate, real-world problem.”

According to the Senators, “If the federal government accidentally incentivizes layoffs, we risk life-threatening shortages in sectors were doctors, nurses and cooks are trying to get food to families’ tables.


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