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(CLASH DAILY) – Cultures all over the world have treated a deceased human body with care because it was always understood that there was something different about a human being that differentiates it from the rest of nature. In Christianity, that’s that man is the imago Dei — made in God’s image.

But to leftists in Colorado, we’re nothing better than fertilizer. It’s dehumanizing.

A bill to allow for “human composting” has been proposed in Colorado by State Rep. Brianna Titone. Titone is, of course, a Democrat. The bill would allow, “human remains to be converted to soil using a container that accelerates the process of biological decomposition, also known as ‘natural reduction.’” It would allow the soil to be used to grow plants, but forbid it from being used to grow food for humans or animals. The bill also bars anyone from selling or offering to sell the soil, mixing the soil of one person with another (for example in a single container) without the consent of the person who has final disposition — unless the soil has been abandoned.

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