Climate Extremists Launch Insurrection at White House, Block All Entrances With List of Demands, Promptly Get Arrested

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Climate extremists launched an insurrection at the White House on Monday, blocking all entrances until their demands were met, resulting in dozens of arrests.

The radical far-left group known as the Sunrise Movement, a youth-focused climate action organization, marched on the White House on Monday, demanding that the Biden administration and Democrats listen to their demands. One specific demand from the organization was the reinstatement of the “civilian climate corps” that the administration had initially promised in their “bipartisan” infrastructure plan.

The protestors surrounded the White House, blocking all entrances, preventing anybody from getting in and out. Organizers of the climate group boasted on Twitter that they had managed to “shut down” the business of the White House with their insurrection. Many activists threatened further action to be taken against the administration if their demands were not meant, which also included more ridiculous demands, such as getting rid of all fossil fuels.

The insurrection was whipped up by current far-left Democrat Representatives, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cori Bush, and Jamaal Bowman. “They occupy our streets. They mass incarcerate us, but they leave us food insecure, in transportation deserts, and our buildings and schools falling apart. Fuck that!” Bowman shouted to the crowd. Representative Mondaire Jones, while not present at the White House climate insurrection himself, sent out a tweet supporting the action.

Unsurprisingly, the insurrection, which likely disrupted the business of government, resulted in around 13 arrests, with the Secret Service handcuffing many of the climate activists who blockaded the White House. A tweet retweeted by the official Sunrise Movement account confirmed that the arrests wouldn’t stop them from further action, and the Los Angeles wing of the organization demanded that the Biden administration give them “a seat at the table,” or risk further action.

Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media completely whitewashed the event. Rachel Maddow described the insurrection as simply being “a bunch of young people,” who were putting “maximum pressure” on the Biden administration by “demonstrating at the White House gates.” In a similar manner, the media previously tried to downplay the left-wing insurrection that took place at the Iowa State Capitol in April, with propaganda network CNN trying and failing to fact-check National File’s reporting on the incident.

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