China Deploys Miniature Robo-Tank With “Ferocious Firepower” 

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) deployed a new robot equipped with a machine gun, night vision, missile pod, camera, and variety of sensors that will free up human soldiers from unnecessary danger. 

“Equipped with a machine gun, and observation and detection equipment including night vision devices, the robot can replace a human soldier in dangerous reconnaissance missions, the report said. Target practice results showed the robot has acceptable accuracy, and the use of weapons still requires human control,” People’s Online Daily said. 

Capable of carrying a machine gun, the small ground robot can traverse complicated terrains and replace human soldiers in dangerous reconnaissance missions. h/t People’s Online Daily, CCTV

PLA forces in the Eastern Theater Command said Monday via Weibo — they’re “in possession of the small ground robot, which can traverse complicated terrains, accurately observe battlefield situations, and provide ferocious firepower.” 

A military expert told the Global Times that the new robot would allow soldiers to avoid dangerous confrontations with enemy forces by sending the weaponized device to the front line. 

It was not clear if the robot will be controlled in full autonomy mode or through a remote operator. The size of the robot will allow it to operate as a forward-positioned weapon for ground attacks. 

Along with China, the US military has been deploying combat robots on the modern battlefield. We recently noted that the Pentagon has had an obsession with robots from Rhode Island-based weapons company Textron. 

A cold war is developing between the US and China — we’ve noted this on many occasions, pointing out, the first superpower to deploy hypersonic weapons and fifth-generation stealth fighters will be victorious in the next global conflict. 

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